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Travel Advice for Australians Considering Vacationing in Spain

There are many places to get information of farm rentals in Tenerife. If you contact the owner directly it is more likely that you can negotiate a better price than if you went through a travel agent or booked online. Or for updated information look on the Tenerife guide. This is part of a chain of property websites that offer accommodation all over the Canaries. One of the main reason that Tenerife is so popular is it’s all round, temperate climate and easy access to Europe. It is also a very safe destination to visit which makes it popular for older residents. There are many health benefits associated with living on a warmer climate, not to mention the laid back, Spanish culture.

Another key benefit of the Canary islands is it has much lower levels of tax, so it is cheap to buy electronic goods. There is only a 7% general tax here on all services which makes doing business very affordable. This is much better than mainland Spain.

5 Reasons Why Spain Is A Great Tourist Destination.When it comes to tourist destinations, Spain is a very attractive place. There is so much to offer tourists. This article has a brief look at five reasons why Spain makes a great tourist destination.

Fiesta’s and Festivals

If you enjoy getting to know other cultures, Spain has many different fiesta’s and festivals. These can range from the serious religious festivals right through to throwing wine at food at other people. We are sure you will find a fiesta and festival or two that you will never forget. They all have their own uniqueness about them.


The Food

Every place in Spain has its own style of food and wine. You will discover the original culture that is still there. Particularly in the Southern areas of Spain. In the Northern areas of Spain you will discover very fresh food. All of which is mouth watering. If you have a love for food, we are sure that you will discover new food that will open up your taste buds to new discoveries.


Welcoming and Friendly People

Love being around people? Then Spain really is the place to visit. The people of Spain are extremely welcoming and friendly. They are more than happy to help their tourists out. If you need to get to a location and don’t know how to get there; there is every chance you will find someone who will drive or walk you there themselves. If you are stopping in a bar or café, you can be sure those sitting near you will make the time to talk to you.


Easy Travel

Spain is very easy to get to. When you arrive in Spain, you will have no trouble finding your way around it. There are many ways that you can do this. Transport options include: airplanes, trains, and buses. These are all at your finger tips. You will not get lost in Spain. You can also stop at any place you wish. Flamenco Dancing.


Enjoy music and dancing? Flamenco dancing is a very popular and traditional dancing experience in Spain. If you enjoy dancing, why not come and experience this amazing cultural dance. It will certainly give you a lot of energy.

These are just a few reasons why Spain makes a great tourist destination. Of course, there are many reasons to come to this great country. We hope we have convinced you to come to Spain for your next vacation. Boat trips in they Canary Islands.

A private tour – see the island better was a personal guide.

It is certainly useful to look on the Internet before you travel to a new location and to read from trip advisor for other online publications. Two travelling To a new location with somebody who really knows that that particular area. They custom guide you on much more likely to go to places that the locals know, and because of this you will save a lot of money. . Tourist locations can be on average three times more expensive in Tenerife dependent on. If you travel with a private tour guide you’re go-to-sleep all the remote locations in private’s little villages that’s all very far away the usual tourist routes.

You’re going to experience the local culture in away which is simply not possible on a mass tourism bus trip. A private tour guide will be able to speak your language whether that is English Spanish German or French. He or she will be able to explain to you the history of the local area so you will learn more about the location you’re spending your time – travel tips in Tenerife. Tenerife Host Facebook


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Which are the leading hotels in Tenerife?

Actually the best hotels are in the South of the island which provides tourism all year round to the north European markets.

The Best Property Investment Strategies in 2015

If you’re looking to invest in property then you need a game plan to find property under market value. This is surprisingly much easier to do than before as there is more debt than ever. People everywhere are finding themselves snowed under in debt and the banks are chasing them. Once the banks take someone to court then they will quickly have their property taken from them and get nothing in return.

So, how do we find these property deals? Well it’s not as easy as in America where deals are everywhere due to the poor economy. The good news is there are strategies to find hundreds of deals using advanced techniques that the average investor doesn’t know about. This instantly gives you the edge on the competition and makes it easy to create a solid portfolio.

If property deals were available to the public in Australia then everyone would know about them. This would drive the price up very quickly and what was once a ‘deal’ would then be a normal sale. We are lucky that most mortgagee sales or distressed property is very difficult to find. This reduces the competition and makes the owner think you are the last resort for selling their property.

Most investors don’t take the time to study about property investment strategies. This can be a crucial mistake and can lead to a lot of lost profit. If you’re willing to invest a few dollars in your education you can easily make that money back in return. The more you know about property the better.

To help you know the most advanced strategies in property investment it’s good to know the best experts. In Australia the best property investment seminar is run by Stuart Zadel. Stuart is a mastermind when it comes to using advanced strategies to make money in property. He has a team of very highly educated experts who are featured on all major TV networks. Zadel property education has been running for over 8 years and has help a lot of people leave their full time job to become property investors.

Stuart’s strategy involves buying under market value property and doing simple cosmetic renovations then flipping it for profit. This may not sound like rocket science but acquiring the property and the techniques used to renovate it are very advanced. Not many people know about these strategies or use them. For more information head along to one of Stuart’s events and learn how average people make huge money in profit today.



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